Stormwater vs Storm Water

Is it one word? Two words? Hyphenated?

If your job involves any type of clean water regulation, you have probably come across this conundrum. What is the correct way to spell stormwater? Or is it storm water?

I am writing this article in Google Docs. When I write storm water as two words, it gives it a squiggly red underline and asks me if I mean stormwater. In complete contrast, when I send an email through Gmail, it tells me the word stormwater is misspelled and asks me if I mean storm water or storm-water. So if thought google would know which one was correct, you’d be wrong. It can’t even decide for itself which one to use.

Don’t worry about it, though, I have researched this life or death issue and finally come across the answer. From this day forth, you will know with certainty which of the two is correct. Is it stormwater or is it storm water? Continue reading “Stormwater vs Storm Water”

A Day Without Water 2018

Imagine your day. You wake up, you go to the bathroom, you take a shower, you take your medications, you brush your teeth, you head to work, you eat lunch, you come home from work, you eat dinner, you watch tv, you go to the bathroom, you go to bed.

Now imagine your day with no water. You wake up. When you go to the bathroom you are greeted by the stench of leftover bathroom experiences, since you can’t flush the toilet. You can’t take a shower, so you probably smell awesome. You grab your pills and put them in your mouth, but you have to swallow without water. You could probably brush your teeth, but you wouldn’t be able to rinse out your mouth. Continue reading “A Day Without Water 2018”

Stormwater, I am your father…

This weekend, our stormwater media team hit the streets of Salt Lake City to ask people what they knew about stormwater.

“What do you think of when I say stormwater?” When asked this question, we got a plethora of interesting answers. Ranging from educated guesses that turned out right to a stunned “Uhh… Star Wars…” It became pretty clear to our team that most people had never considered why there was a drain next to the sidewalk.

It seemed pretty clear after spending an afternoon in SLC that people were just as surprised to find out where stormwater goes as they were when they found out that Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

Continue reading “Stormwater, I am your father…”

In-House vs Online

What is better, Online or in-house?

Training has become a hot topic in the stormwater community. As a client manager for StormwaterGO, an online training program, I often find myself discussing with people about which is better, online or in-house?

In-house training works well for one on one interface. Trainers can take employees aside either individually or in small groups and focus on specific content. These small groups are ideal for focused learning. Continue reading “In-House vs Online”