Be Mindful of Stormwater

When famed country artist Luke Combs wrote the song “When it rains, it pours,” I highly doubt that he was referring to the potential detriments of stormwater. Why should he? When I am outside enjoying the pleasant Post-rain smell that distinctly remember in my hometown in Idaho, I am considering the beauty of nature, the serenity of life and the pleasantries of living the simple life. Continue reading “Be Mindful of Stormwater”

Public Education and Outreach

Why educate the public about stormwater?

Public education and outreach is one of the minimum control measures that municipalities are required to fulfill. This minimum control measure is important because if the public is educated they can prevent pollutants from getting into stormwater. There are many waters throughout the United States that are polluted and need to be cleaned up. Most people don’t realize that they may be part of the problem. They see news stories about algal blooms, not eating fish from a stream because of pollutants, or a swimming areas that are closed, but they don’t understand the cause of the problems and what they can do. Continue reading “Public Education and Outreach”