Can Storm Water Save California?

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got, and home did trot,

As fast as he could caper,

He went to bed to mend his head,

With vinegar and brown paper.

Remember the fun nursery rhyme? Me too. It does leave some questions unanswered though. Did Jill make it out alright? Did Jack just abandon her on the hill? After all, she did come tumbling after. Did they have a mother that would have asked the necessary question, Where’s Jill and what on Earth did you do to your crown?!?!? Continue reading “Can Storm Water Save California?”

How Millenials can change the stormwater landscape (for the better).

Millenials and Stormwater – It can work

By Preston Vawdrey

Working in a stormwater conscious environment can sometimes be disheartening. The common joke around the office is nobody intends to get into stormwater but they fall into it. But maybe over the next few years, we could see a slight change in this tone.

I think Millennial’s could be the key.

Continue reading “How Millenials can change the stormwater landscape (for the better).”

Stormwater vs Wastewater – What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between wastewater and stormwater?

By Preston Vawdrey

As clean water enthusiasts, one of our biggest problems we face is increasing public knowledge about water pollution issues like wastewater, stormwater and proper water maintenance.

When trying to spread awareness about water issues, we get one particular question more often than others: What is the difference between wastewater and stormwater? There are only a couple differences between the definitions of wastewater and stormwater.

In water communities, we tend to define water by the way it travels from one place to another. The usual key factors in definition are: 1) Where the water came from. 2) How it traveled. 3) Where it ended up. 4) What happened to it along the way. Continue reading “Stormwater vs Wastewater – What’s the Difference?”