StormwaterGO Calculator

Stormwater training can be a nightmare to develop, schedule, and carry out.

You are probably spending a lot more than you think on your current stormwater training solution.

Use our calculator to discover just how much you are spending on stormwater training.

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Current Costs Calculator
Number of Learners This is the total number of people that are taking the stormwater training annually. For municipalities, every employee is required to be trained. For construction and industrial companies, all employees or sub-contractors that interact with Stormwater controls are required to be trained. This includes everyone that works on a construction or industrial site.
Avg Hourly Wage of Learners $ This is the average hourly wage of personnel taking the stormwater training. Hourly wages can vary greatly, so this number is just a rough estimate of the average hourly wage. This is usually somewhere between $18 and $28.
Course Length (in min.) How long is the video or presentation?
Actual Estimated Training Time (in min.) 45 Based on the course length you have provided, this is our estimate of the actual training time. This number includes a short commute to the training location, sign-in time, question and answer time, and personal conversation or refreshment time. This typically adds about 45 minutes to an hour at a minimum.
Other Costs per Learner $ Do you provide refreshments, handouts, or other materials to the learners? Please estimate the cost of these items. This is typically between $1 to $5.

Other Training Costs

Total Number of Training Events per year This number is usually 12 (monthly trainings held) to 52 (weekly trainings held) depending on the number of learners and the size of the training venue.
Preperation and Clean Up Time (in min.) How much time is spent preparing for and cleaning up after each training event.
Additional Costs $ This is usually $0, but we might be missing something. Put any other stormwater training costs here.
Cost of Course Development How many hours annually are spent developing the training? We'll multiply this by the average hourly wage.
Put the annual cost of the purchased training video or presentation here.
Who conducts the training? We'll take the total number of stormwater training events and the average hourly wage and calculate this cost.
How much do you pay them annually?
$ 0.00 Estimated Annual Cost of Training
Cost per Learner: $
Avg. Cost per Learner with StormwaterGO = less than $ 19